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My trusty HP was dying so I did a lot of research into which laptop to buy next; I wanted a green machine. It was very difficult to find information on how environmentally friendly a company and a laptop was. Actually laptops are now called notebooks what a nube I am still calling it a laptop! After much searching I found the EPEAT website which gives you a bronze, silver or gold rating on a product with regards to a 51 point environmental criteria. Greenpeace also has a Guide to Greener Electronics which has a clear break down on a company’s environmental impact (though Apple was not involved in these test I wonder how different the result would be if they had been?).
Before buying my new laptop Mr Ecochick tried really hard to fix my old much loved HP and spent the whole afternoon pulling it apart but sadly it’s all over. We’re going to break it up and sell bits off so that it isn’t wasted and can live again. Think Johnny 5!
I looked long and hard into which company to buy from. After reading Apple’s website I believe they may be the most environmentally responsible company but I didn’t really want a Mac. Was happy to see that HP was ranked  4th by Greenpeace (I do have a thing for HPs).
So the new green enviro machine that I’ve bought is an HP Envy Beats Edition. It hasn’t arrived yet so really can’t wait to play with it. It has a gold EPEAT and a 5 star energy rating. Some specs for you fellow geeks out there. The Envy beats has I7-720QM quad-core processor, 4GB ram, 640GB 7200RPM hard drive and 1GB DDR3 ATI Mobility Radeon (TM) HD 5650 graphics. If that was a different language to you all you really need out of it is that it’s super fast and super powerful!!
I even bought my new Envy off trade me from a guy who has used it for one month so  that  adds to my environmental impact by buying second hand. Buying refurbished computers can help reduce your laptop’s environmental impact.
Other options of green machines are:
HP 4720s and 4530s – gold EPEAT and 5 energy star rating also these models are PVC and BFR free. Both are good solid decently priced machines.
Most Mac laptops have gold EPEAT and a 5 energy star rating. Great machines though a little pricey if you are not a designer or a diehard Mac fan. I do love that they have aluminium chassis! Why don’t other companies do this? I was very close to buying a Macbook Pro 13 inch.
So happy green laptop hunting. 

Update: I LOVE my new computer. It does EVERYTHING I want it to and more. It has handled everything I’ve thrown at it. Though Mr Ecochick is still going to game on my machine so until then we won’t know how well it does on the gaming front but on every other front it’s awesome. The machine looks sexy, is FAST, easy to use, has a cool backlit keyboard in hot red, has loads of hard disk space (haven’t had to delete or move anything yet) and has a great sound system (being the beats edition I should hope so). All in all beats and I are going to be happy for a long time!
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