Green cat litter

If you have a cat (or like me you don’t have a cat but when my family goes away our home is the cat hotel for them) you have to deal with cat poop. If you have a cat door this is easy as they just go poop outside, normally in a new section of garden where you have planted seeds. Grr. Cats are great pets but boy can they be destructive and annoying. Not to mention their impact on the bird population!

If you have an indoor cat or don’t have a cat door or your cat sleeps inside you’ll need a cat litter tray. You can use a number of items to hold the litter; a plastic tray, an old draw, a metal tray or a wood box. All these items have pros and cons; they are all cheap to buy. The wooden and metal items can be reused in the garden when they are no longer needed. The plastic tray can be recycled or reused at the end of its life. I personally use a plastic tray as it can be very easily cleaned to sanitise it. If I was doing it all over again I think I’d get a metal tray. 

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You’ll need some kind of litter for the cat to poop on. Currently I’m using one made from recycled paper. I like this option as it doesn’t smell, is highly absorbent, relatively cheap and doesn’t stick to the cat’s paws. Also you can scope out the poop and flush it down the toilet and it doesn’t matter if a small amount of the paper goes down the loo too.

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An even better and cheaper option is to use compost to fill up your cat litter tray. This is a great option as it will save you lots of money and to empty the tray simply throw it in the garden. Again you can get rid of the poop by flushing it or throwing it in the rubbish or if you don’t care just throw it on your garden and dig the compost through your garden.

If you think your cat has parasites such as Toxoplasmosis you must throw the cat poop in the rubbish bin. The easiest way to do this is to put your hand inside a plastic bag scope out the poop and tie the top of the bag closed. If you’re pregnant do not touch cat poop at all. Make sure you wash your hands carefully after touching any poop or compost.
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