Grandpa’s chook feeder

grandpa's_feeder_reviewWhen we got our chooks the sparrows moved in. In droves they came it was crazy how much food the whole neighbourhood of sparrows was eating. I was having to feed my girls three times a day to make sure they were actually agetting some food and it wasn’t all just going to the sparrows. I had read about Grandpa’s feeders and just knew this was the answer to my problems. So a few emails and a week later and I had one of these fancy feeders on my doorstep. Thank you so much to the amazing team at Grandpa’s feeders for our feeder.

grandpa's_feeder_reviewThe feeder was super easy to put together and comes with detailed instructions of what to do. I did it with two toddlers and a screw driver. The feeder is set at three different settings to give your birds time to get used to using the feeder. The top setting means the feeder stays open and the birds don’t need to stand on the tray to open it. We had no problem using the feeder at the top setting.

We then moved the feeder down to the next setting; the birds need to stand on the plate to get a feed and the feeder comes halfway down. Our birds are well total chickens and wouldn’t use the feeder at this setting they cheated and would stand next to the feeder and put their heads in! They didn’t like the feeder because it makes a small amount of noise when the lid closes and my birds hated this so we had to add a piece of wood to the bottom of the tray to reduce how fast the lid comes down. We’ve had to keep this piece of wood on the bottom even now as they don’t like the noise of the lid closing (such chickens! he he). You can add wood, magnets or lead sinkers at this stage too if your birds are too light for or afraid of the feeder. Remove these at the next stage or when your birds are heavy enough to use the feeder.

grandpa's_feeder_reviewAt the bottom setting the birds need to stand on the plate to completely open the lid allowing feeding to commence. The girls are now used to the feeder and will happily walk up to the feeder and eat whenever they want and I now have no more food stolen by sparrows.

I really love this feeder and am so glad we have it. The feeder holds about a weeks worth of food for our four orpingtons. It’s so great that we call fill the feeder up and the girls will go in and out of their run eating whenever they want and how much they want. It’s a great feeling that we can go away for a few days and know that our girls will be fed. Also I now longer feel guilty about not getting the girls their breakfasts as soon as they wake up now they get their own.

Thank you so much Grandpa’s feeders your wonderful feeder makes all our lives so much easier. Not to mention the money we now save with only my girls eating the food and no longer feeder the whole bird population.

Not only was I lucky enough to get my own feeder watch this space for a chance to win your very own feeder.


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