Goma wakame

I love eating and making sushi or chirashi zushi (sushi salad) it really is a family favourite we eat it every few weeks. However something I’ve missed from making our own sushi is that we don’t have any goma wakame (seasoned seaweed).


Goma wakame is super yummy and I occasionally buy it when I am out but it is stupidly expensive. Imagine how amazed I was when I found (aka was told about) a 1kg block at my local Korean supermarket for $20. Goma wakame really is the sushi takeaway place’s best kept secret! They charge around $5-$7 for about 100 grams which means they make $50 to $70 per kilogram!!! Wow what a killing they make. I paid $20 for a 1kg block!! So here I am busting their expensive goma wakame bubble!!

Ok so reading the ingredients list it’s not really that great; seaweed, sesame seed, red chili pepper, sesame seed oil, high fructose corn syrup, distilled vinegar, MSG, sugar, salt, yellow and blue. I understand with this ingredients list it is very additive and boy it sure is!! Either way enjoy this cheaper option of this yummy seaweed salad. If I could get the seaweed on it’s own I would so make this myself. So I’ll keep looking. Have you tried goma wakame? or made your own? or know where I can buy the seaweed unseasoned?


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