Glass storage in the freezer

Now that summer is coming to an end there is plenty of wonderful produce in my garden and cheap produce at the market that I want to freeze for winter. I thought I’d share how I store fresh produce and leftovers in my chest freezer. The obvious road is to use plastic containers and bags but I’m not really a fan so I use glass jars for storage; lots and lots of jars. I save all our glass jars and friends and family give me their jars too; I put them in the dishwasher to clean them and generally I clean the labels off too.
I love jars there are so many great things about jars; they are free, you’re recycling, you can fill them with boiling/ hot/ cold items, you can freeze/ chill or heat them, they come in all shapes and sizes to name a few things. Jars are so useful you just fill them, freeze or chilli them and pop them in the microwave, then throw them in the dishwasher to live another day.
nz_glass_livingTo freeze in a jar; fill the jars to the neck of the jar so the contents have room to expand. Allow the contents to cool and when you put them in the freezer make sure you leave the lids OFF. I just place my lids gently on top. DO NOT screw the lids on. Once the contents are frozen just screw the lids on. 
It pays to write on the jars with a permanent marker what is inside as it’s not so easy to tell what the contents are when things are a frozen mush.  
I also freeze things in ice cube trays then move the cubes into glass jars when frozen.  This is useful for baby food, avocados, herbs, lemon juice, tomato paste and any another food you want to use in smaller or measured quantities. 
I’ve never had a jar break on me (except when I put the lid on tight before the item was frozen we live and learn).
I love glass and reusing so jars are the best of both worlds. 
What do you use to store your food in the freezer? 
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