Glass soap dispenser

A while ago I saw this fantastic soap dispenser tutorial on Heather Bullard 
and I just knew I had to make one of these!!
Actually I want to make two; 
one for the kitchen and one for the new toilet. 
I’m very happy with the result and it didn’t take long to make. 
 What you’ll need:
Glass jar and lid – I used a small Agee jar 
Old plastic soap bottle with pump
Drill with hole attachment
Saw or sharp knife 
Oil (I used bran oil)
 Drill a hole in the lid.
The hole needs to be big enough so the soap top will fit snugly.  
Add some oil to the lid then drill.
I put the lid on a piece of wood then drilled to help stabilise it.
 Cut the top off the soap dispenser.
Cut underneath the thread so there is a bit of a rim to add the glue to. 
 Add glue to the rim of the cut top of the soap dispenser. 
 Push the glued top through the drilled hole.
Hold here tightly till it dries (only took a few minutes with the glue I used).
Push the soap pump through the top.
Screw the two parts together. 
 I loved the soap dispenser but I didn’t like the colour of the lid with the pump on top. 
 So out came my trusty can of white metal primer.
Two coats of spray paint later….
I love my new soap dispenser it looks fantastic on 
my kitchen bench with my scrubbing brush jar.
I am so going to make another one of these! 
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