Glass nail file

I bought a glass nail file yesterday. I’ve been meaning to buy one for ages and just never got round to it so now I’ve done it. I like my make up and girly stuff so I like to use a nail file (actually sometimes you just need one for that stupid hook nail!). I used to buy a few nail files a year as they don’t last long and always seem to get lost but no more! I bought a glass one for only $6 and I’ll never have to buy another one again! You do have to be careful as this is glass so best to put it back in the house it came in and best not drop it. These are great as they can be washed and then are as good as new. I read you can even wash them in the dishwasher! So in the long run these nail files will save you money and are better for the environment.  
10/11/2013 update; Since writing this I’ve now gone through two cheap glass files so be careful which ones you buy as the cheap ones are nasty and don’t last very long. I now have a QVS which I’ve been using for a year and it’s still fantastic. So it pays to spend a little more. I hear the Avon ones are good too. 

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