Glass, glass, glass…

Welcome to part two of my reduce your waste series and as you might have guessed today’s topic is all about glass. Glass how I love thee. Let me count the ways…
You are reusable, resilient, super strong, recyclable, see through, made from natural materials, reusable, durable, can withstand extreme temperatures, comes in lots of shapes and sizes, and most importantly reusable and recyclable. As you can see I love to reuse glass.
My basic philosophy is if you can do it with plastic you can do it better with glass. The best way to reduce your waste is to reduce what waste you bring into your home and one of the best ways to do this is to buy good durable products. Glass is so versatile buy it instead of plastic containers when shopping then reuse the containers over and over again.


Glass items from around my home;

1. I have a selection of square glass containers; these are amazing and can be used for food storage, cooking, freezing, reheating, take-away containers or even eating from.
2. I buy our spices in bulk and then refill old baby and spice containers to store them in.
3. I also buy our dry goods in bulk and then fill lovely old agee jars I got from my MIL for my pantry.
4. I always choose to buy glass over plastic, this can be a challenge at times but I stick to my guns.
5. Glass containers I buy I reuse for food storage or in the freezer to store leftovers.
6. I use a glass nail file.
7. I buy powdered milk which we make up in glass bottles; this saves us lots of waste and money.
8. I make my own botty balm and other products which are then put into reused glass containers.
9. Gabriel uses glass baby bottles some of which John used and some of which my MIL got at a second hand store.
So as you can see glass comes in so many shapes and sizes and is so versatile. I always buy glass over plastic and will go without if I can’t buy in glass. What do you buy in glass or use glass for?

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