Give the gift of life – adopt an animal

Christmas is such an exciting time of year; the gift giving and receiving. Of course in this day age everyone has EVERYTHING and so it’s not always easy to buy someone a gift. I’m a real gift person; I love to buy them and of course receive them too. This year I was super organised and bought my gifts throughout the year as I saw them so that it not only made things a little cheaper but it also meant that I had gifts that really made me think of that person.
Something I had completely forgotten about though and I’m REALLY glad my girlfriend at Green-eyed monster reminded me of is the gift of animal adoption. Such a great idea and a wonderful gift that is so easy to do through WWF; you even get sent a super cute adoption pack!
About 5 years ago I adopted an elephant and a tiger for a year. Such a great thought to know I’m helping some special animals out there. So after reading Green Eyed Monster’s blog I adopted a giant panda for a year so Ecochick has a new pet. I think giving this gift to friends or family is a wonderful way to educate children about the need to protect our world but also an exciting gift for adults. I know I would just love it if someone adopted an animal for me so I think I’ll be adopting a few animals for friends/ family next year.     
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