Give the gift of plants

I love to make my own gifts for birthdays and at Christmas time. Before Christmas I shared a list of wonderful food gifts to make and eat and giveaway so I wanted to share some plant gifts I made and gave away for Christmas.

plants_gifts_nzI made this terrarium for John and my niece for Christmas. I got the idea from Janet Luke’s Embrace your space.

plants_nz_giftsGive the gift of gorilla gardening; make these super cute seed bombs that everyone will love to receive and play with; young and old.

seeds_gift_gardenYou can also give the gift of seeds. Give rare or heritage seeds or better still seeds saved from your own garden. Write on each package what’s inside then wrap in a pretty bag. Or you can pot up plants from your garden to give away as gifts as well especially if you have rare or hard to find plants.

air_plant_jarI made this cute air plant (Tillandsia) in a jar for my niece. I got an air plant and one cool agee jar. I tied some twine around the top of the jar and added some cute beads to the bottom of the jar. To care for your air plant take it out of the jar about once every 2-3 weeks and submerge it in water for about 20 minutes then put it back in your jar. Place this pretty jar on a sunny windowsill and enjoy. If you’re lucky it’ll produce flowers one day.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHerbs make a fantastic gift. Not only are you giving the gift of plants but you’re giving the gift of fresh ingredients to cook with. Nothing better than cooking with fresh herbs! I bought these super cute planters then carefully nurtured these herbs for the months leading up to christmas so they would be all ready in all their glory for christmas. Or you can buy bigger herbs from the garden center and just pop them in before you give the gift. You could also paint pots or use pretty crockery to plant herbs in to give as gifts.

woolgrow_nz_plantsThese woolgro’s from Green Urban Living also make great gifts. There are four different types to choose from. All you do is unwrap the mat (it’s made from sheep poop and embedded with seeds) place it on the ground; cover with a little bit of soil then water. Or you can cut it up and place pieces in hanging baskets or pots. Or cut into piece and plant weeks apart for a continuous eating.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALast but not least give the gift of fruit trees. I’ve bought and been given a lot of fruit trees over the years as birthday and Christmas gifts. Buying a tree your friend or family member has wanted for ages and you will really make their day. My neighbor was beside herself when I gave her a lemonade tree for Christmas best money I’ve ever spent! Simply tie a ribbon around the tree’s pot. Fruit trees really are the gift that keeps on giving.

There are so many option for giving the gifts of plants. You will love buying and making these fun gifts and your recipient will love getting the plant to love and care for. Have you ever given the gift of plants as gifts?


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