Wow the post boys vs girls stirred things up a bit! Therefore today I wanted to talk about girlfriends. These are the special woman in your life that you share everything with, the ones that cry with you, hold your hand when times are tough, whose heart breaks when yours is too, laugh with you and love you no matter what. I mean the truth is girls are different to boys; we think differently, we act differently, we process emotions and thoughts differently, and we even talk differently; at times it appears to even be a different language! I love Mr Ecochick and I can talk to him about anything and we share everything, he is my best friend but I still need my girlfriends. I really wanted to share about the special woman in my life; a few of my friends have had some terrible things happen recently and my heart has just broken for them and made me realise how much I love and treasure these special woman in my life. So to you amazing woman out there who allow me to be strong, hold my head up high and keep me grounded and sane. Thank you I love you.
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