Getting rid of stuff!

Just one bag that has gone!!

I’ve been meaning to declutter for a while now but couldn’t really motivate myself. Then in plunket’s newsletter I read that they were having a garage sale so I thought this is the best time to great rid of everything. I mean everything! I was totally ruthless and got rid of lots of stuff. Was such a great feeling going through the house room by room. Started in the kitchen and then went through all the cupboards and bedrooms. I got rid of linen, clothes, books, ornaments, towels and loads of other things. It was an amazing and liberating feeling. Even better is that the items we don’t need or want anymore have gone to plunket so hopefully they will make some money.
I feel so much lighter. Crazy. Great feeling knowing the unnecessary and unwanted items are gone from my life and knowing that no new stuff will be coming into my home. I now have control over what is already in our home and what is coming into it.  Have just found out when I did all my cleaning it was also declutter week! No wonder I felt so inspired!
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