GBBD August 2012

It’s been AGES since I participated in Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day (GBBD) but the garden has just been so depressing over the winter months and I’ve been super unmotivated to be in the garden. Now that spring is in the air I’m getting a bit more motivated to redo the garden and get some more plants in. My garden is looking very alive now so I thought I’d share what’s growing. There are lots of pretty flowers at the moment I see why people only grow flowers; they definitely make you happy.  
These pretties are part of a butterfly mix I bought; this includes Phaceli, Borage, Calendula, Feverfew (none has grown yet) and Icelandic Poppy.
These beautiful blossems are from my Billington plum that Mr Ecochick bought me. This plum needs another one to fertilise it since we only have one at the moment I really hope someone nearby has a plum to fertilise mine. I want to buy a double grafted Omega and Santa Rose plum.  
Check out my garlic! I only planted it about a month ago and wow look at it go! Hope we get a good supply this year the ones I grew last year were small but amazing.
Our lime tree must be happy where it is now that it’s out of it’s pot. Lots of beautiful limes now.  
Little John and I restocked the Oregano garden today. He loves helping in the garden. Now to “train” him to only pull out the weeds and not my flowers! Of course the new plants needed watering once planted.
Check out who else is growing big! Apart form me and John!!!! Nijntje keeps growing and growing!!! She is losing her winter coat and looks very motley at the moment. Can’t wait for summer and really get my garden going!
Madeleine  x 
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