Garden diary Spring 2012

So EVERYONE tells me that I need to keep a garden diary so I thought I’d put it on here. so bear with me it’s going to be a long list! I’m very proud and it gets better everyday. 
In my hanging baskets I have aloe vera, trailing rosemary, tumbling toms, violas, Pepino Incredible Blush and Pepino Incredible Ruby.
In my laundry tubs I have lemon balm, lemon grass and cayenne pepper, chives, dill and bolted coriander, in my mint planter I have garden mint, mint basil, chocolate mint, spearmint, apple mint, Vietnamese mint and soon pineapple mint. I also have thyme and lemon thyme. Plus an oregano planter.
In my pots I have a fig tree with parsley, Italian parsley and oregano under it. Black cherry tomatoes, rocoto chillis, stevia, sweet basil, rainbow carrots, coriander, sechuan buttons, and Pepino El Camino.
In my side garden I have a Bearss lime tree, sage, purple cherokee tomatoes, non trailing nasturtiums, zucchini and squash, olive tree, apple cucumber, quinoa, scarlet runners from last year, perpetual and traditional spinach, cavolo nero, rainbow silverbeet, beetroot, snow peas, an old apple tree, capucijner beans, Valena Italian beans, lavender, borage, magenta yarrow, calendula, swan plants, asparagus peas. I still want to add some Inca rainbow corn.
My grape garden has a Billington plum, an old purple grape, hyacinths, globe artichokes, German camomile, pyrethrum, echinacea, cosmos and hyssop.
My pineapple sage will go here too.
My bee/ butterfly/ ladybird garden has bee banquet flowers, cosmos, swan plants, feverfew and an Omega plum. 
My rubbish bins have asparagus plants, and my washing machine planters hold broadbeans and cherry tomatoes. 
In the grass there is a honey babe dwarf peach, a snow queen nectarine and a loquat.
In my raised beds I have broadbeans, red onions and brussel sprouts from last year, calendula, cosmos, tomatoes; black cherry, Ponsonby red and beefsteak (which I grew from seed). American pea bean, rainbow and green silverbeet, popeye and traditional spinach, garlic, cavolo nero, alpine strawberries and baby carrots. 
In my washing machine planters I have Heather and purple potatoes and horseradish. In my metal rubbish bins I have Jerusalem artichokes. My strawberry planter has 3 or 4 different varieties not sure what they are.  
There is also a dwarf Stella cherry.
These planters will all have to be moved as this is where my chooks are going to go. Woop woop.
My blueberry garden has bluecrop and blue dawn blueberries, meadowsweet, cornflower, nasturtiums and a zucchini.
I moved my passionfruit here as well.
I still want to add a double grafted pear tree and a hop plant.  

My new driveway has Peruvian ground apple, soapwort, aloe vera, eau de cologne, balm of gilead, New Zealand spinach, st john’s wort, angelica, evening primrose, ladys mantle, hollyhock, echinacea, Johnny jump ups, marshmallow, valerian, bergamot, lavender, comfrey. Trees: tamarillo, elderberry, daphne, hydrangea, magnolia, plus heaps of natives.

Under the baby’s room I have a red cherry guava, popeye spinach, dill, coriander, calendula and soon white borage. 
My berry garden has blackberries, black and red currants and boysenberries.
Soon I’ll add some rockmelons and yellow watermelons. 
Under our window there is a cape gooseberry (I want to add another one), edible chrysanthemums, an invicta gooseberry, sansto coriander, slowbolt coriander, and Mexican coriander.
My raspberry patch has raspberries, rue, tansy, yarrow, carrots, shallots and a Meyer lemon.
I’m thinking of adding strawberry popping corn here too.  

The other trees I have are yellow cherry guava, bay tree, unique feijoa (I want to add a few more to make a hedge), golden queen peach, blackboy peach, pomegranate and a lemonade tree.
I forgot to mention I have mushrooms growing in my hall cupboard.

WOW what a list! No doubt I’ll made more things before the session is out.
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