Garden Bloomers’ Bloom Day – Jan 2012

It’s that time of the month Garden Bloomers’ Bloom Day; time to showcase what’s blooming in my garden. I have lots of pretty pictures to share this month. 

My white and purple English lavender are looking so pretty. I also have a purple Italian  lavender but it doesn’t have any flowers on it at the moment. I just love the smell of lavender and want some more plants. I also want a French lavender too. 

My hydrangea is doing really well after mum gave it a good chop last winter. They are very blue this year last year they were more of a purple. Crazy how they can change colour so much over the years. If I add coffee beans to the soil the flower will become more pink. 

My first cucumber flower. I can already see little baby cucumbers I look forward to eating them fresh. My zucchini is doing well too. Such pretty flowers though the leaves are really spiky.

My two Pepino El Camino plants. One has fruit on it and the other has pretty flowers. I have no idea what this plant is but I had a space to fill and these were bushy shrubs so they came home with me. The fruit is very pretty apparently it tastes like a cucumber, cantaloupe, and a honeydew melon. Can’t wait to eat it. Now just to keep one certain baby away from the fruit until it is ripe (unlike my poor blueberries that wont be blue or berries this session).   

My yellow guava flowers are very cute and kind of look spongy. I love it when plants give you fruit in their first year. 

I love the purple pompom flowers of the chive plant. The flowers are edible too though they have a very strong onion flavour and I only ate a few petals.  

This pretty feverfew flower is one of the first of my medicinal herbs. According to James Wong if you eat two feverfew leaves everyday it can help prevent migraines.  

I love this pretty sweet violet. Another of my medicinal herbs which is also good for migraines. The violet just loves the spot where I’ve planted it and is spreading very nicely.     

My Roma tomatoes are doing beautifully. They are such a pretty tomato; I check on these three daily they are papa, mama and baby bear. So cute.  

Lastly I wanted to share my first passionfruit flower. This is the second passionfruit plant I planted as the first plant got completely eaten but is making a slow recovery. The second passionfruit I planted is doing really well. I love passionfruit flowers I think they are the prettiest flower in the world (I’m sad it wasn’t open today but I will enjoy it when it is open).
What’s blooming in your garden?  
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