Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day – November 2011

Being the 15 it’s time for Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day – November 2011 so I thought I would share the yummies and flowers in my garden. Check out what is blooming all around the world at May Dreams Gardens.
Check out these blueberries I can’t wait to eat them; am very excited as these are still in pots so I had no idea that they would actually produce any fruit this year. October GBBD saw apple blossoms and now I have lots of little baby furry apples. They are really soft and fluffy. The grape vine looks as amazing as the last few years, this is a very tangy grape so we’re buying a sweeter grape as well. Last but not least I have two baby nectarines – one looking large and healthy the other still tiny but exciting. This plant was planted in August.  

This is a crazy huge flower on a spiky plant that is next to my garage. No idea what it is but the flower is impressive and seems to grow taller every day.

The bottlebrush is just beautiful at this time of year. The tree hums with bees and is a hive of activity with tuis busy getting their fill. When the bottlebrush flowers I always think of Christmas (I know it flowers in November but still it’s close enough to the pohutukawa to be like a Christmas tree).

For you proper gardeners out there; the camellia bush is doing well this year too.

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