Gabriel’s tree

We planted Gabriel’s tree on the weekend. I love that both my boys have their own trees. John has a port wine magnolia tree that looks amazing this year and Gabriel has a beautiful kowhai tree that is a self sown seedling from my parent’s house. I love that Gabriel’s tree comes from the house I grew up in and is a seedling from a tree I used to watch tuis and kereru fight over the flowers as a child.
Mr Ecochick dug out a huge hydrangea that was in our drive that I’ve never liked. We took this to my parent’s place and put it in the ground for mum and swapped it for Gabriel’s kowhai tree.
We put Gabriel’s placenta (it’s been in the freeze since he was born) in the ground then put his new tree on top. I love seeing his new tree on the drive.
I had to add this picture since it’s too cute to leave out. Aww what an angel.
Here is a wonderful photo of both my boys with their trees (love the flying baby). John loves his tree and proudly tells everyone it’s his tree. He loves that there are flowers on it this year and looks and smells them all the time. So cute. I’m sure Gabriel will be just as proud of his tree as well.
The planting of Gabriel’s tree not only symbolises Gabriel’s birth it also is the rebuilding of my driveway. We’ve now agreed to chop down many of the trees in the drive and replant productive yummy edible trees. Exciting I can’t wait; out with the old in and with the new. I love the boy’s trees side by side. Did you plant trees for your children? if so what did you plant?
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