Gabriel’s story

Only a few hours old

My wee angel Gabriel has been nothing but a delight since he was born. I’m so blessed with two amazing and easy children. Gabriel was due on Valentine’s day but he decided he would be slightly early; he come into the world with a hiss and a roar and hasn’t slowed down since (he’s put on 2kgs since he was born). 
The Monday before he was due I saw my midwife and we discussed options if Gabriel didn’t come in the next two weeks, went out shopping with mum; bought a super cheap cherry tree (woop woop) and went home for dinner etc. Just a normal day. 
I was really convinced Gabriel was going to come early (from about 37 weeks on) as I was having very sever/ intense braxton hicks which often felt like I was going into labour. I’d also had a few proper contractions for the previous week. I guess this was all prep work. he he. 
So 18.31 Monday 11 February it all started and boy was it on! For the next 40 minutes my contractions were 10 minutes apart and super intense. They then moved straight to 3 minutes apart so we jumped in the car (well walked slowly). In the car the contractions got closed together and lasted longer. Mr Ecochick says I almost clawed the inside of the car door to bits (no memory of this!). The rest of the story was over in about 5 minutes! We parked the car, I crawled to a wheelchair, up the lift and into the delivery room. A step in the door and my waters broke, another step and Gabriel’s head was out; then onto the bed and Gabriel was born. I can say there was no pushing more like trying not to push so that Gabriel wasn’t born in our super tiny car. So from wo to go in under 2 hours! Wow was super intense and boy am I glad it was all over in such a short time. I now feel our little family is truly complete. Welcome my angel.   

My mum and little John meeting Gabriel for the first time. 

 You can read John’s birth story here

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