Gabriel is 6 months!!!

Wow my dearest angel is 6 months today. He would now be less than an hour old. Wow he came into the world with a hiss and a roar and hasn’t really slowed down since. He is such a busy baby and loves to talk and spends a great deal of time flapping his arms and legs. Sometimes I think he’s going to take off! He is eating small amounts of food now and is kind of sitting up. Isn’t he the cutest?! Love that face just can’t get enough of looking at him.
Check out this super cute video of Gabriel in his jolly jumper. He just loves to jump and flap his arm and laugh and jump some more. So cute.  John never liked the jumper but Gabriel can’t get enough.

Now that Gabriel is a little bit older and more “interesting” John wants to play with him more and now often asks to feed him or give him a cuddle or toys. It just breaks my heart to watch them play together. Love you both so much.

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