Full moon tails

Cottage tails has started something called Full Moon Tails. Every full moon we journal/ take photos of what has happened that day. I think it’s a fantastic idea as in years to come I have a day in the life of.  Being a mom now my days are pretty quiet and focused on my little man, also since I had surgery on Thursday I’m having a super quiet week trying to recover and I’m supposed to be taking it easy! On that note this was my slow/ easy day.
Very happy baby with no naps time
Little man woke up at around 7 but he now likes to play by himself for awhile. I so love hearing him play in his bassinet cooing away; so heart warming. He’s such a happy little boy. I love going into his room and opening the curtains and seeing him smiling up at me, so happy to see me; little legs kicking away. So coffee in bed for Mr Ecochick and myself. It’s so great that John can play by himself and we can have this special time in the morning together. A wonderful way to start the day.
Breaky time for me and the little man. He so loves his bottle and gets so excited when he sees his bottle; his little arms shake with excitement. Then play time for the little guy on a towel on the ground. Was amazing to watch him play as for the first time he rolled towards a toy to get it so that he can play with it. Wonderful I can watch him for hours. He can rolled from front to back but not back to front yet though he made a very good effort yesterday.
While John went down for his morning nap I wrote my blog and played on the internet. Have I mentioned I love the internet? My first job of the day was finding a sun cover for our buggy so that when I’m full recovered John and I can go for walks and the NZ sun being what it is we really need to protect ourselves. Was happy I found a cheap one at the baby factory in Poriura so got Mr Ecochick to collect it. Score at $39!
Did some more shopping on line including getting a new filter for our water purifier. You might wonder why in NZ we bother to have a purifier on our tap. When I change the filter I’ll put a photo up and you can see how much icky stuff gets trapped. So glad it’s not in me.
It looked like it was going to rain – dark grey clouds coming in fast but I thought I’d put the wash out anyways; oh yeah I’m obsessed with washing! And did another load to put out too. Both dried nicely. Now 2 washing baskets to put away.  
Got a text from Mr Ecochick he got a pay raise! Out of the blue and even better it’s back dated to the start of the month. Woohoo!!!
Little man and I did some singing; I want to teach him Dutch as well as English so I’ve been singing him songs in both languages. Brings back memories as I was bought up in a Dutch speaking house and so didn’t really learn all these English kiddie songs until much later. Will be great for him to be able to speak two languages; just like my brothers and myself.  
So while the little man played on his own I watched Charmed; secret alert I love vampires and witches movies/ shows. Embarrassing really I know but hey can’t help myself. So I relaxed and did cross stitch. I love doing cross stitch; my mother has done it for years and has always been trying to get me to do it too but I was never interested until my best friend taught me how. Now I’m obsessed, though haven’t really done it for a year as while I was pregers I didn’t have an attention span so glad I’m getting back into it.
So after Mr Ecochick came home we chatted together and we made tea. We hung out together played with little John and then when he was in bed we chatted and watch a movie together. I love that John is still little enough to be able to go to bed early and we get some adult time together. Wonderful.
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