Frozen peach jam

Last year I made a few jars of peach jam and I froze the rest of the pulp to use later. I know it seems silly to save the pulp for later rather than just making jam with it as that is kind of the point of jam making! We’re not big jam eaters and so I decided that I would only make a jar or two at a time, which is how I got to make peach jam before peach session had even begun.
Last year when queen peaches were cheap we bought several kilos. Cut the peaches and cooked them until they were mushy: skin, pips and all. Once the peaches are mushy remove the pips. We then divided the peach pulp into containers for freezing.
I like the idea of making jam from frozen pulp as it’ll keep for ages and so nothing gets wasted and I can have peach jam any time I like! Making jam from frozen pulp is not really any different. It’s just quicker as the pulp has already been cooked.
I put the frozen pulp in a pot then cooked it when it had thawed I added sugar. Last time I did a half sugar half pulp but my peach jam was too sweet so this time I only added about one third sugar and that was plenty. I find the peaches are very sweet so next time I might even use a little less.
I love how you test to see if the jam is ready. Put a small amount of jam on a saucer and then put it in the fridge for a minute if you can turn the saucer upside down and the jam doesn’t move then the jam is ready to be potted. If not cook the jam some more. 
Don’t forget to boil your jars before putting jam in it – actually I just pour boiling water in them and all over them rather than boiling them as I’m lazy and also since the jam is not being stored it doesn’t really matter. Frozen pulp makes jam making so much quicker and easier especially if you run out of jars or room to put the jam on shelves.
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