From old clock to new clock

We had an old clock in the kitchen that was given to us as a house warming gift when Mr Ecochick and I moved in together. This has been a trusty clock for the last few years and has kept time well but during the renovations it was knocked off the wall one to many times and now looks a little worse for wear. So I was looking at the clock on new year’s eve and I thought I could reuse the hands to make a new clock then I had the great idea; why not reuse the whole clock? So from old to new in 20 minutes and only the plastic rim was thrown away and that was put in the recycling bin. 

One old clock
A fat quarter of fabric
Etching primer 

We took our old clock and unscrewed the back to break it down into its components. Mr Ecochick then sawed the edges of the clock off so that I had a flat surface to work with.
I then went through my cloth stash to find a fabric that would work in my kitchen. It was a toss up but I choose a very cool apple patterned fabric that I got ages ago to use for something; I didn’t know what but I loved the fabric (I think I even got it free with an order- score!).
I cut the fabric around the clock leaving enough to fold the edges over the back. I put glue all over the back of the fabric then smeared the glue around with a skewer so that I didn’t get any lumps.  
I placed the clock on the glued fabric and smoothed the fabric over the clock face. When you do this make sure your fabric is the right way up! I put my apples on upside down so Mr Ecochick had to drill an extra hole in the back of the clock so I could hang it up. Silly me! 
I cut a small hole in the fabric where the hands go. Make sure you push the fabric down far enough to reattach the hands correctly or the hands won’t run smoothly. 
I used heaps of glue under and on top of the fabric that is on the back of the clock to keep it in place so that it is well and truly stuck down (not a pretty site but it won’t come lose!). It creates a decoupage affect. 
I sprayed my hands with some etching primer I had left over in the garage as the silver hands were not readable on the new fabric. You may or may not need to do this step it all depends on what fabric you choose. 

Now we have a wonderful new clock. I love looking at it and love that it is completely recycled and also didn’t cost a cent as we already had everything in the house! 

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