French toast

I just love French toast! 
I know it’s not the healthiest breakfast there is but boy is it yummy!
Whenever I go out for breakfast I always order French toast.
Mr Ecochick makes us super yummy French toast at home.
  What you’ll need:
6 slices of bread
2 eggs
 2T milk
1T cinnamon sugar
Butter for frying in
More cinnamon sugar
Golden or maple syrup 
 Mix the eggs, milk and cinnamon sugar together in a bowl.
Dip your bread in the mixture making sure both sides are evenly covered.
 Fry the bread in butter in a non-stick pan.
Cook both sides evenly until golden brown. 
Top with golden syrup or maple syrup and more cinnamon sugar.
We used to buy maple syrup but it is so expensive here so golden syrup it is.
 Little John thinks it’s super yummy too!
It was cold here on Sunday morning which is why John has a super cute hat on I think he looks like a Lost boy. So cute!!

Madeleine  x
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