French inspired pots

I saw this amazing tutorial on Market Nine home and just knew I just HAD to transform the terracotta pots I’ve had sitting in the garage for about a year. I bought these pots knowing that I wanted to paint them in a French style but no idea what or how I was going to achieve this until I stumbled on Market nine home’s fabulous post. I made four of these wonderful French inspired pots for my plants and one for our kitchen utensils.
Don’t my French lavenders look fancy?

What you’ll need:
Terracotta pots
Printed mirrored images I got mine from The Graphics Fairy
Paint brush

I painted my pots three times to give a nice white finish. Since I was going for a French country look I wasn’t too careful about brushstrokes actually I pretty much just slapped the paint on. Was heaps of fun not being careful. 
I used left over ceiling paint, though this is water-based so I’m not sure how this is going to last in time, but I guess the more aged and country they look the better(?!). 

Print out and cut out whatever image you want to have on your pot. I got my amazing images from The Graphics Fairy; I will definitely be using this site again. 
Cut close to the edges of the image to reduce the amount of mod podge on the pot. Apply a coat of mod podge to the inked side of the paper.

Centre the image on your pot mod podge side down. Gently press the image onto the pot. Smooth out any bumps or creases and make sure that the whole image is touching the pot. 
Now leave the image on the pot overnight! I took mine off after about 5 hours and it wasn’t long enough – some of the images came off but it makes the pots look older. Next time I will leave well enough alone!  

The next day get a bowl of water and a flannel/ cloth and gently wet the paper until it is completely soaked through. Gently, very gently, rub the paper off with your finger or cloth I found a combination works well. 
There you have it some beautiful pots. These are so easy to make and look amazing! I will definitely make these again but I WILL leave them to dry overnight!  
My very own French pots.  
My wonderful kitchen utensils pot (yes it says kitchen utensils in French!) 
My happy anthurium
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