Freezing avocados

Avoados are cheap and everywhere at this time of year. I love a good avocado they have so many uses: guacamole, sushi, on toast or crackers, on pizza, add some cottage cheese in half an avocado and scoop out the yummy goodness. 
Avocados out of season can be so expensive to buy and no doubt imported? (we’re not sure about this). I’m trying to get better at only buying food when it is in season not just because of the high monetary price but also the food miles. Though I have been known to buy food out of season; sometimes I’m just not that good. So this year I’m freezing a stash of avocados for later.

We were able to buy 6 avocados for $3; so we bought a few bags. I cut them in half and scooped the flesh into a bowl then mashed the avocados all together. I then spooned the mixture into ice cube trays that I bought for John’s baby food. Once the cubes are frozen I’ll take them out of the trays and pop them into containers. I want to buy some more avocados and freeze even more of them.
I read that the frozen avocado can be kept for about five months but is only good for guacamole but I figure even if we can save several weeks worth of avocado this will save us a lot of money.
I really want our own avocado tree. I’ve found a local grower who has grafted a tree that will produce avocados in our area. I can’t wait to buy one. My dream is to grow and save enough of our own food so that we can live off this all winter long.  
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