Freezer cupboard – painting melteca

I wanted a cupboard to go above the chest freezer as I have a nice open space there. It took me several months but I was excited when I found a cupboard that would fit and according the the ad it was white. When we picked the cupboard up it was a horrid purple colour not white at all! The cupboard is made of melteca so you can’t just paint over it. Luckily my mother in law told me about Resene smooth surface sealer which is an adhesive primer that will stick to the melteca coating and then allow me to paint the cupboard white.

paint_melteca_cupboardTo paint a surface like my melteca cupboard or any other vanished surface first give the surface a light sand with a super fine sandpaper. Then paint or roll one coat of the sealer on the surface. Now your surface is ready to be painted with your chosen paint.

paint_melteca_cupboardWe removed the doors and I sealed and painted them. We attached the cupboard to the wall and added some extra pieces of wood to fill in the space between the cupboard and the wall. Mr Ecochick also added pieces of wood along the top and bottom of the cupboard to stop dust falling behind the cupboard. I used the smooth surface sealer to paint the edges of the cupboard and also the varnished wood we used.

paint_melteca_cupboardSince the sealer is only one coat but isn’t a heavy coat I had to do three coats of white paint on the doors. I used white waterbased paint with a roller as the doors where flat. We added some handles to match the kitchen; I bought these handles second hand as well.paint_melteca_cupboardI added cloth backboards to the cupboard to finish the cupboard off. My new cupboard is great for storage and organising my life a little more.


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