Free range chooks

So my girls (the chooks!) are getting huge!!! I can’t get over how much they have grown. Now that the girls are bigger and will eat out of our hands I feel comfortable letting them out of their run for some free ranging. Though we still need to clip their wings which we haven’t done yet; we’re both a little nervous about doing this though Janet Luke has a great youtube video on how to do this.
First we had to chicken proof our property as we have some of the fences with missing boards and good escaping holes. Actually this didn’t take very long and didn’t cost us anything. Amazing how something you put off for ages ends up being a quick job!!! Mr Ecochik filled in the missing boards with left over pallet boards and some chicken wire we had in the garage. I’m thinking of growing hops on this fence as it’ll cover it nicely.
We also filled in the ugly side of the garage with the rest of the pallet. Pallet fence anyone?
So here are my girls roaming around the yard! It filled me with such joy to see them free!!! I’m not sure how much I’ll let them out it might just be for a few hours at night then they will put themselves to bed (in the hope they won’t do to much damage to my garden) or I might let them out when I’m out there or well we’ll see how we go. I love seeing them roaming around. The girls obviously felt very comfortable in our yard as one of the first things they did was have a dust bath.
Cute how they stay near each other and run around. Even funnier when they want to move quickly how they are like road runner and flap their wings and run around.
 Naughty. They didn’t peck much though so we’ll see how we go.
What fun I love it!!! I’m loving the good life!!!
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