Free range bunny

I was reading Gwen’s blog and she took her mogs for a walk outside well this got me thinking I have a harness too so out it came and Nijntje got taken outside. She and John both thought this was fantastic! I’m trying to train Nijntje to be a house bunny so this includes toilet training (man Flemish giants can wee!!! Mr Ecochick found this out for us – off came the pants and also the couch cover ha ha!). Since Nijntje is only six weeks old and has only been away from her family a few days I’m trying to introduce new things slowly.
Since the weather is nice she is now outside in the rabbit run but soon I want to introduce her to being a free range bunny who will hop around the house inside and out and then put herself to bed. I think we’re a little way off this but baby steps. I picked up a free puppy crate which I will set up outside so she can run around on the grass without being in a cage but still be contained until I can trust her to run around on her own and come back again. Then there will be the issue of how to keep Nijntje out of the veggie garden – think naughty Peter Rabbit! Will keep you posted on our free range bunny progress.
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