Formula tin plant hanger

When John was on formula I had two or three tins to get rid of every week for about a year. I tried to recycle these as much as possible by storing food in them, turning them into drums for John but I ran out of things to do with them a girlfriend of mine wanted several to hang from trees with plants in them. Fast forward a few months and this friend came over for dinner bearing gifts: a formula tin plant hanger.

formula_tin_reuseTo make this super cute hanger get a formula tin or any other type of large tin and drill some holes in the bottom and two in the sides for the hanger. Paint (I would use spray paint) the can all over with etching primer then paint over with patterns or colours of your choice. This would be great fun with kids. Loop some wire through the side holes. Fill the tin with potting mix and plant of your choice.

My hanger has scarlet beans in it I believe. The hanger looks cool hanging in a tree or on a fence though the tin will rust quickly in the elements so it might pay to keep the hanger under cover. This would make a cool Christmas or birthday gift.

Other ideas to do with tins: drills holes all over the tin and put a candle or light in it for outside lighting, a lamp shade, a tin drum (which I still haven’t made for John yet but will do one day), a vase, a craft organiser; I have one with pens and pencils in it, keep your scarves, hair accessories or belts nice and tidy or kitchen decluttering. I love this kitchen for a special child. I might use some as planters in the lounge for putting my mint plants in. Any other ideas for reusing tin cans?



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