Food noticeboard

My number one tip to saving money is to stay out of the supermarket. I find going in with a shopping list stops me forgetting and doubling up on items. Guaranteed if you go back to the supermarket you’ll end up spending much more and potentially forgetting the item you went in for.
We used to have a magnetic shopping list but since moving the microwave into the laundry and I hate having things stuck on the chest fridge so we would make a shopping list before going shopping but things sometimes get missed. I found shopping much easier when I had my old magnetic shopping list so John and I made a new noticeboard today.
We pushed a pin into the wall next to the pantry then added a large clip I got sent in the mail then added a note pad. I fond some ribbon and added a pen. There you have it a brand new shopping list.
We went through all our pallet crates to see what we were running out of and added these to the shopping list. The list is up so that when we run out of an item we can immediately add it to the shopping list never to be forgotten again. Oh yes it says plane flour on the list (I always think that’s so funny!). How do you keep track of what you need?
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