Food gifts

It’s only 3 days till Christmas!! Woop woop I feel a viewing of White Christmas coming on!! Last year I shared posts on making your own Christmas gifts, making Christmas gifts, and homemade kids gifts, these posts have always been super popular so this year I thought I’d share some food gifts. These gifts are great to make and give and most of them can be made in a jiffy and generally from items you already have in your pantry. Generally food gifts are super quick and easy to make so are great last minute gifts! Who doesn’t love the gift of food?!

Jams, curds and spreads

lemon_curd_microwaveMake your friends the most amazing gifts for their toast in the morning or they can eat them straight from the jar or make tarts with them. Make this super easy quick microwave lemon curd or this yummy lemon curd recipe that is so thick and creamy.  Making your own jam is so easy why not give peach jam a try you’ll never buy jam again! Or for the cheeky monkey in your life why don’t you make some banana jam (aka Monkey butter). Or for the one in your life who likes a bit of spice and chilli on their plate make them some (hot if you want) chilli jam. Basil pesto is also a great gift. It looks great is super easy to make and tastes amazing.   Homemade Nutella also makes a yummy treat gift for any child or adult alike.

Drinks and dairy gifts

drink_mix_nzEveryone like to drink something whether it’s alcoholic or a nice warm evening drink. Make this really yummy warming Mexican hot chocolate mix for an instant chocolate fix for that chocolate loving friend. Or make some fun flavoured vodka for a good night out.

Making your own ice cream is fun and easy to do and best of all you can add any flavour you like. Beetroot and chocolate ice cream is a great way to give a gift from your garden as well as make a tasty treat. My other favourite ice cream to make and eat is baileys and chocolate ice cream but in order to make this you’ll need to make some super decadent chocolate sauce first which also makes a fantastic gift in it’s own right.

You could also give the gift of homemade cheese. Mozzarella is fun and easy to make or you could make some easy curd cheese both of these cheese can be given with a collection of other gifts like homemade flavoured olive oil, herbed salt or  homemade bread.

Gifts in a jar

gifts_jar_nzI love making and getting gifts in a jar. Not only do they look good they are great fun to make. Last Christmas I made these super yummy cranberry and white chocolate oaty cookies in a jar for my niece. They make great gifts for old and young alike as they look pretty, they get to make something and then eat it the best of all worlds! Two great brownie in a jar recipes are these cheats fudge brownies in a jar these are my favourite or the brownie in a jar is another amazing gift in a jar.

Make a huge batch of these amazing almond and fruit truffles to share and keep for yourself. Sweet and savory nuts are always a favourite for any occasion and make a lovely gift.  Fruit leathers always a very popular gift any time of the year. I always get requests to make these. Chewy apricot muesli bars are a favourite in our home and would make a great gift as well.

Baked goods

vanilla_essence_nzThe gift of baked goods is always welcomed by everyone. You could make your own vanilla essence or vanilla sugar for the baker in your life. Or you could make your own cakes or muffins to giveaway as gifts. Some baked goodies are my super easy lemon yoghurt cake, or for the person who is egg and dairy free make them a wartime chocolate cake, or you could make gluten free almond banana yoghurt tea bread. You can make cute muffins in any shape to suit any occasion with this beetroot and carrot wholemeal muffins recipe or try my banana muffin recipe.

Wow so many different food gifts you can make with so much variation I’m sure you’ll find a gift on this list for someone in your life (or for yourself). Enjoy the Christmas period and have a wondferul time making your own gifts and eating them. What are your favourite food items to make and give as gifts?



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