My favourite movie Food Matters has got even more exciting!! They now have a TV website called FMTV {affiliated link} where you can join for a month or a year and have access to over 300 movies including life changing and inspirational documentations, plus exercise videos, amazing recipes and fantastic recipe programs, there is even a monthly film club.

FMTV is an amazing idea and website and is your very own on demand fabulous health and wellness TV Chanel. I joined for a year and love that I can watch all these amazing movies anytime I want with no time restrictions!

food_matters_watchAs part of the exciting launch of FMTV you can watch Food Matters right now for free. hungry_for_changeBut wait there’s more you can also watch the fantastic sequel to Food Matter called Hungry for Change.

If you love these movies and want access to even more amazing films join FMTV for a month I’m sure you’ll love it as much as I do!!

homestead_nz_ecoI am very excited to be affiliated with FMTV and strongly believe in their brand and ideas. Food Matters really changed my life and I love how they are sharing their information with everyone in the world. Pop on over there and check it out today.

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