Flying to Holland; John and me!

Last Monday I got the call from my father that my Oma had passed away. All very sad; though it’s better as she is now with my Opa so they can play together. Since Mr Ecochick was away in Albania for work I decided that little John and I would fly over for the funeral and meet him and my parents in Holland. So with less than 24 hours to pack and sort everything out before we jumped on a 24 hour plane ride to Holland I got busy. Since it’s almost Christmas time flights back to NZ, before Christmas, were impossible so we decided that we would stay till January and make the most of the time in Holland; probably one of the last times I’ll be going back. So a day of busy packing and trying to get everything into one suitcase which is never going to happen when you have a 5 month old child! Who was I kidding! So two suitcases, two backpacks and 24 hours later we were on the plane.
One of the first things I had to think about was nappies. I’m a cloth nappy junkie one could say and John has only ever had cloth nappies so I was going to use them on the plane. I’m glad though that my mother said to use sposes on the flight over as I was just going to use cloth but then I would have had to cart around all these dirty nappies. I hate using sposes and felt almost dirty using these nappies and then throwing them in the rubbish. I winced every time I threw a nappy away. Though at least these were moltex nappies so they are made from paper pulp so I’m sure that’s not as bad(?!?).
So apart from having to use sposes the flight went really well. John was amazing and slept most of the way. The Air New Zealand crew were super fantastic and so super helpful they got us an extra seat so John could sleep as no basinets were available (he looked so super cute – wish I had got a photo). I just tied him in with his tiny seat belt and he slept most of the way. He did so well and was so super cute asleep on his chair. He had a cold so was a little scary when he got a fever on this leg of the flight. As mentioned the Air NZ staff were amazing; they helped to strip him off and cool him down with cold flannels. Thankfully I had my homeopathic first aid kit with me.
The last leg of the flight we had the bassinet to use and this was great as John could just sleep. Though we had turbulence a few times so had to take the little man out of his bassinet and put him in the seat belt with me. Sadly this woke him up but he went back to sleep quickly.
Makes flying very interesting when you’re on your own with a small person; a totally different experience than flying on your own or as a couple. Even going to go to the toilet is complicated as you can’t put him down anywhere. So normally I would have a shower at airports but I couldn’t do this, so a very smelly person turned up at Schiphol airport two days after take off.  

Tips when flying with a little one: when you take off have the little ones drinking. I gave John his bottle on take off so his little ears didn’t cause any problems. Take EVERYTHING you think you might need and you might not need with you. I had quiet toys, food/ bottles, bonjela teething gel, clean clothes, blankets, nappies/ wipes, creams, front pack, first aid kit, you think you might need it. Take it!!!    
Otherwise as always John was a little angel. 

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