Fly repellent bin

It’s a wonderful hot summer here in NZ. Wow it’s so super hot and yummy. However with heat comes flies, lots and lots of dirty flies. Obviously now that we have chooks we have even more flies around. I have mint plants in my lounge and bathroom to help repel the flies. I also have flypaper hanging from the ceiling; gross I know but boy do they work well! 

I was driving past a skip bin the other day and found this cute metal rubbish bin. I love the trash some people throw away!! this bin was a little rusty on the bottom which is great so all I needed to do was get a hammer and punch a few holes in the bottom rather than having to drill holes like I did on my other metal bins. I filled the bottom of the bin with garden soil and topped it up with potting mix. I added lemon balm, lemon grass and mint plants. The mint is for flies and the lemon balm and grass repel mozzies. I put my new planter by our sliding door that I always have open. I hope that this planter will help keep some pests out of our home. Fingers crossed. Either way it looks great. 

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