Floppy disk notebook

When I saw this floppy disk notepad on instructables I just knew I HAD to make one of these for Mr Ecochick. It’s the ultimate geekbook. The geek in your life will just love these. Mum had some old floppy disks taking up space so was more than happy for them to leave her house and move to mine.

What you’ll need:
2 floppy disks
Note paper
Guillotine (or scissors)
2 cable ties

Open the read/ write lock tabs on the floppy disks so that you have two holes in the disks. If you don’t have the two tabs maybe you could hole punch the disks.
Measure around the floppy disks on the notepaper and cut to size with the guillotine/ scissors. I used some map paper that mum had at home but any paper you have at home will do.
Put the floppy disk on the notepaper and mark where the holes are to be punched. Hole punch on the marks.
Gather the floppy disks and paper all together then cable tie. I placed my floppy disks both facing outward so the notebook looks the same from both side. 

Mr Ecochick just loved the notebooks and is going to use them at work. These notebooks were fun to make and also cost nothing as they were materials that were just lying around the home. I love upcycled gifts.  

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