Flavoured vodka

I love yummy and fun gifts and just knew I had to make skittles vodka when I saw the recipe on¬†mix that drink. So worth making and sharing the love. Be warned though this is pretty much vodka and sugar so it’s best to mix it with something else rather than drinking it straight. Have fun and you have been warned!!

What you’ll need to make flavoured vodka:

1L of vodka (doesn’t have to be super expensive but avoid cheap and nasty)

400g of skittles

5 glass bottles


coffee filters


Sort the skittles into each colour.

Pour 200ml vodka into each glass bottle.

Add 60 skittles into each bottle (one colour per bottle).

Keep each colour separate throughout the process.


Give the bottles a good shake to help dissolve the skittles.

Leave the skittles to dissolve overnight or two nights. Shake regularly.


Once the skittles have dissolved – they won’t completely dissolve there will still be bits of skittles in the bottom of the bottle.

Line a funnel with two or three coffee filters pour the skittles vodka through the filters into a container.

To remove all the leftover skittle bits I refiltered the skittles two or three times. Some colours (ie green and yellow) take more filtering than others.

Then pour into cute glass containers to give away or keep. Either way enjoy.

 Freeze before serving. Drink neat or mixed.
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