Fixing curtains

While redoing the office recently I was going to buy some curtains, fortunately mum had a pair she picked up from SaveMart cheaply a while ago and hadn’t had time to use. So we got them. I now see why they were gotten rid of. They were mismatched curtains, luckily the pattern was the same but one curtain was long and one was window length that’s ok I can take them down at some stage and change the length. (maybe 🙂 )

A bigger issue was that the thread in two of the curtain tapes had snapped when someone had pulled it and I guess they gave up after this. I had a couple of choices I could remove the old tape and sew a new one, but this seemed like a lot of work.

So I simply got out a darning needle and rethreaded the thread through the tape. This didn’t take long and now the curtains look good as new. They look fantastic in their new home.

New curtains are such a great way to give a room a cheap new look plus save on electricity and keep your home much warmer. Even better if they are second hand. If you need curtains or have curtains you no longer need you can drop them off to the Sustainability Trust.

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