Fiona Elrington Pet Portraits

I’m really proud to share my best friend’s business with you all.  Fiona Elrington is an incredibility talented artist and has just launched her own pet portrait business. Fiona loves animals (we studied veterinary nursing together); owns two beautiful golden retrievers and has been doing amazing super detailed pet portraits for over 10 years. Her fantastic works are in oil on canvas and makes portraits that appear to live and breath. Please check out her website and like her facebook page.
Last year I commissioned Fiona to make a portrait for my parent’s birthday. I gave her a photo of our beloved cat. Lucas sadly died a few months after Fiona made the painting but luckily we have this fabulous painting to remember him by. 
Fiona turned it into an incredibility amazing lifelike family heirloom. My mother almost cried when I gave her the painting. I love looking at the painting on my parent’s mantelpiece. The painting is so incredibly lifelike that it feels like he is still with us. Fiona completely captured the essence of Lucas in this canvas as she does with all her portraits. Hasn’t she done an incredible portrait?  
I love Fiona’s work and highly recommend her to anyone and everyone. Her portraits make wonderful gifts and great remembrance of pets who are much loved and may have passed. If you’d like your very own portrait done please drop her a line to discuss the possibility of her doing a portrait for you.

 Madeleine  x

All pictures in this post and on her website are rights of Fiona Elrington and may not copied or used without her permission.           

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