Figs: heaven on earth?

I love figs; I love them fresh, I love them dried, I love fig and honey ice cream. Figs are like heaven on earth. When I lived in Turkey I used to eat figs all year around; dried in the winter time and fresh luscious figs in the summer time. 
Sadly here in NZ figs cost an arm and a leg both dried and fresh. Last summer I splashed out and bought 2 fresh figs for $2.50 each sadly they were nothing like the ones I ate overseas. My mum saw a neighbour the other day; who gave her a whole bag full of these amazing fruit and she gave them all to me! How lucky am I?
I now have a fig tree that we bought a few weeks ago. The little tree had 3 figs on it already now sadly it only has 1 fruit left (read little person was in time out after touching my tree grrr). Now that I have a whole bowl full of these amazing fruits I can indulge to my heart’s content. This fruit may or may not be shared. I haven’t decided yet. Actually figs aren’t a fruit at all they are an inverted flower but hey the best tasting flower I’ve ever eaten. 
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