Family photos late 2013

I love taking photos (I can’t wait to get a fancy new camera!) and love having family photos taken. The kids are little for such a short time and so I love to capture them in photo from as much as I can. When Gabriel was 3 weeks old we got some amazing family photos done. Mum organized another family photo shoot and so I wanted to share how big my boys have got and some wonderful photos of our beautiful family.   nz_eco_familyIsn’t this a lovely family photo? I love it. I’ve ordered it to be printed so I can have it next to my bed and also in my wallet.

nz_homestead_nzHere are my beautiful angels!! Wow getting so big. These two are going to be the best of friends Gabriel smiles so much when he sees his big brother. John is great with Gabriel, always giving him toys and things that he can’t reach. He is very protective of his little brother.

nz_eco_familyAnother favourite we got this same pose done last time we got photos done. I love how Gabriel is peeking out in between Mr Ecochick and myself. Wow John is such a big dude now!!! This photo will be printed and put on the lounge wall next to the other one of the same pose. Photos are so special and important I don’t ever think you can take enough.

Do you take photos of your kids and family too? I think every family should do a family photo shoot every few years. Thank you so much Albee photography for these amazing special memories that I’ll treasure for ever.


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