Family calendar

Last Christmas and the one before I made family calendars for my mum and for Mr Ecochick’s mum. These calendars are loads of fun to make but take quite a bit of time so be prepared to spend hours looking at cute family photos. I got my brother from Australia to send me some photos and my sister in law gave me photos too so I had truck loads of photos to choose from this year. I love it when I have too many cute photos. 
I generally like to choose photos to suit the month ie For April I chose photos of Easter last year and one of John with Nijntje. December obviously has Christmas photos on it; so cute with John and my nieces in the snow last year. There are loads of companies out there that make these calendars I choose to use snapfish as I find their program’s really easy to use and the calendar quality is fantastic. I guess the mothers will know every year what they will be getting still what a great pressie.  

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