Fabric covered pots

I love glazed pots but they can be super pricie. I’m lucky I’ve been given heaps of pots in the past so I just keep reusing these. At the garden centre the other day they had some super cheap terracotta pots so I grabbed one. I then found this fantastic tutorial on Christine Chitnis to turn any old pot into a thing of beauty. 

All you’ll need is 

a pot, 
some fabric
a paint brush


Wrap the fabric around the pot to make sure you have enough!
Lye your pot on it’s side then draw around the top of the the pot.
When you cut the fabric leave about another 3cm top and bottom. 
“Paint” your fabric and pot with a thick layer of mod podge.
Wrap and smooth your fabric around your pot.
Remember to push the fabric under the rim of the pot too.
I just wrapped and smoothed the top and bottom of my pot (no fancy cutting for me).  
Then paint your fabric with another layer of mod podge. 
Let your pot dry in the sunshine.
Then plant away! I put in a coriander plant but I think  I’ll take it out tomorrow and put in some trailing nasturtiums seeds. The nasturtiums will look so pretty wrapped around my post. Will be making more of these pots that’s for sure!  
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