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It all started when I went to backup my computer and bam! Flashing lights! Hazard signs! Imminent danger computer meltdown!!! Yep the hard drive on my computer died like not a virus and can be restore kind of died but actually completely died! Like dead dead!!! Mr Ecochick who is a computer geek said he’s only seen this twice in seven years!!! Oh poop! The good news is magically (this should not have been possible at all but thankfully magically it was) we’ve been able to pull everything off my old computer and onto another harddrive. It’s taken a week but we’re there.


Anyways what does this all mean? It means I didn’t have a computer for about two weeks (I did use Mr Ecochick’s one and I’m now on my besties Mac which she very kindly lent me). What I have really found is I actually needed this break from technology sure I haven’t written a post in two weeks (and I do so miss it) but I also find I’m not as focused on checking email or facebook or what is going on online. We’ve been spending more time mentally together and I’ve just felt rather switched off from the internet world and it has been rather liberating. I read and finished Janet Luke’s wonderfully amazing Embracing your space.
Not sure if I have got more done but I have felt a lot more liberated and not feeling like I’m using technology to run my life or as a means of unwinding or downtime. So for for a another week or so I’m going to stay off line while I sort everything out and then I’ll be back in full force so watch this space. In the future I am going to have technology free days or nights just for the fun of it. Until then I challenge you to turn everything off once in a while and just be.

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