Emergency survival kits

The country is still reeling after last weeks shocking earthquake in Christchurch. A week later and it’s all just as sad and upsetting. It’s amazed me how much New Zealanders have come together and get behind Christchurch and its citizens. My heart goes out to everyone who is living there and to everyone who has some connection to the place.  
After the last earthquake I started putting together an emergency kit for us as we didn’t have one and now I’ve been much more serious in making us a kit but I still have a way to go. I think we have enough to survive but I still have some items to buy/ gather. I’m not going to go into detail of what’s in our kit as I feel Leanne from Hazeltree farm does an amazing overview of what to put in a kit. I know what things I still need to buy and so will get busy this week gathering. Let’s pray we never need these kits but I feel it very important to be prepared just in case.
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