Embrace your space by Janet Luke



I’m a huge Janet Luke fan and always look forward to her books and Embrace your space doesn’t disappoint. Janet Luke’s new book is as amazing as her other two books; Green urban living and Backyard bounty.
The book is divided into two parts the first part is all about using your space; if you live in the middle of the city in an apartment or have a windowsill, patio, courtyard, balcony, blank wall or a flat rooftop to mention a few spaces. The second half of the book is a how to guide, what to grow where, growing mushrooms, aquaponics and hydroponics, sprouts plus a great chapter on livestock with lots of information on keeping quails (I’m hoping to pick mine up this weekend), rabbits and bees among other great chapters.

embrace_nz_bookThere are so many fantastic projects to do that make great use of whatever space you have available. Since reading this book I’m looking at my garden in a whole different light; I’ve learnt how to espalier, grow tomatoes upside down, grow a garden in a bottle (great Christmas gift watch this space), I still want to make a guttering garden and want to make one for the chooks too. I love all the green boxes that have what plants/ trees to grow where; plants suited for vertical gardening, window box plants, shady tolerant plants, seaside plants, plants for a balcony, screening plants to mention a few. Also the top tip boxes are fantastic as well; watering tips, sunflower screen, lining timber boxes, installing pully systems among others.

This book is a must if you have no space, a little space or lots of space and what to utilize every ounce of space you have. You can buy a signed copy for $45 and receive a free packet of bee banquet seeds to encourage bees into your space. Or you can buy Janet’s three books for $90 signed, sealed and delivered.

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