What an eggciting day. We got NOT one BUT two eggs today!!! I didn’t eggspect to get any eggs till Spring but wow I got two today! Amazing how eggciting it is to go out to the chook house and get the freshest of the freshest eggs. The second one was still warm!!! I was thrilled when I found one egg this morning but when I saw Nero in the house for quite a while I knew we were going to get another one!
We suspected we were going to get an egg when Sage was frantic yesterday. She kept looking at the nesting boxes and then running in and out of the house. So we opened the nesting box and she went in and out a few more times then must have laid her egg and went back into the garden to play. I actually forgot about it till this morning so I went out and found her egg in the house floor not in the nesting box. Still very exciting.
After Nero had come out of the chook house John and I went out to look. We found another egg on the house floor!!! Hope they learn to use the nesting boxes.
So much fun. John and I poached them for lunch. I’ve always bought free range eggs but I was super impressed at how orange Nero and Sage’s eggs were. Almost fluoro! Wow what an amazing taste. John loved eating Nero’s egg and gobbled it down eggerly. He was proud as punch and kept saying “I’m eating Nero’s egg” So cute. Such an eggcredible feeling getting my own eggs. I can’t wait for more!!!
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2 thoughts on “EGGGSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Anonymous
    June 24, 2013 at 5:39 am

    Yes first eggs are very exciting. We have some new additions to our little flock this year so we are eagerly awaiting their first eggs. Mine took a wee while to get the hang of laying in the nesting boxes – having a fake egg in there seemed to help. Cheers

  2. June 24, 2013 at 9:39 am

    yay! I was thought I must have missed this post when I saw your email, but I just hadn’t seen it yet 🙂 yep a fake egg or a golf ball (or a few) usually gives them the idea of what the nesting box is for. Here’s to many many more of your homegrown eggs 🙂