Egg production line


I just HAD to share this super cute series of chicken photos that Mr Ecochick took. We have 4 orpingtons and 2 nesting boxes but for some reason EVERYONE only wants to use the one on the right hand side and if there is another bird in there wow all hell breaks lose! There is honking and yelling and feather fluffing and more honking!! My poor neighbours! For some reason this is normally about 7.30 on an otherwise peaceful Sunday morning! Normally one of us goes out and takes one girl out or moves one to the left hand side but that normally doesn’t work and there is more honking and yelling (ie fog horn Chive!) and we run back inside to hide and think sorry neighbours!

However sometimes there just aren’t enough boxes for girls who want to lay right here, right now!! So here they are trying to get themselves sorted!! All four girls wanting to lay at once.


Chive (sitting on the left) and Sage (sitting on the right) are already comfortable in the boxes. Wow one in each side that is unusual! Olive (brown chest on the roost) is checking out the situation while Nero is coming in the door for her turn!


Olive checks to see if there is room next to Chive to lay on egg.

At this point I must say that Olive is bottom chook and everyone else is top hen. Chive has laid an egg on Olive once in a situation like this. Maybe Olive’s looking for payback?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOlive trying to get comfy ON TOP of Chive.


No one seems to impressed by this whole situation.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOlive decides it’s time to leave. This of course was followed by her yelling about how unfair things are and that everyone should know about it!! Again sorry neighbours.

Ha ha chickens are so funny and provide HOURS of fun and free entertainment. I am constantly amazed at how stupid my girls are. Chickens really are not smart creatures I mean check out the size of their heads; not a lot going on there. But oh I do so love them and wouldn’t be without chooks now. Ha ha silly waggums. Does this happen at your place? Oh dears I’m adding two bantams to my flock how will this go down?


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