Edible trees vs pretty ones

It was Mr Ecochick’s birthday yesterday so I bought him an amazing Bearss lime tree (don’t see the point of lemons as everything a lemon can do a lime can do better!). It’s a really nice big one with lots of fruit on it. I decided to pay the extra money and buy a big one as we cannot be bothered waiting for the tree to grow up and produce fruit. It cost 4 times more to buy the bigger tree but I believe it’s worth it. So now we have lovely fresh limes straight from our garden!!!
Our new lime tree (came in a pot as it was 
the only one I could buy at this time of year) 
also yummy apples from our tree.
When we moved into our house I said we wouldn’t buy or plant anything that didn’t produce! I don’t see the point of paying for something that looks pretty for one session or only a few times a year; I would much rather buy trees that add something to our life. There is already an apple tree in our garden that we thought was dead but has produced lots of apples this year. We’ve cooked them up for John and he loves them. We also have a huge grape vine that produced loads of yummy grapes. Mr Ecochick and John ate truck loads of them. It’s a great feeling eating plants from your own garden.
We will not be pulling trees out to plant fruit trees I don’t believe that is environmentally or pocket friendly at all but when replacing trees or putting in new trees they will have to produce. There is a section by our bedroom that I will be making into an edible garden with berries, lavender and rosemary bushes. Can’t wait.
Our veggie garden has been amazing this year and has produced SO much silverbeet, spinach and kale. There is NOTHING like going out to our garden to pick fresh food for dinner or breakfast. So now we have a few fruit trees to add to our list.  

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Update: got a snow queen nectarine tree for my birthday so can add nectarines to our list of home grown yummies. Hopefully next year we might get some fruit. I do love nectarines.
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