The wonderful folks at ECOtanka sent me my very own tanka to try. Even though ECOtanka sent me the tanka all views are my own.

I just love my tanka. I love everything about my tanka and ECOtanka. I love that ECOtanka is a New Zealand company and all their tankas are made of stainless steel and the lids are polypropylene (number 5 plastic) so are completely recyclable. I love that you can choose what size tanka you want from the teeny 350ml right up to mega 2L tanka or an ice tanka, soon you can even buy bright coloured tankas, and then add whatever lid you want (all the lids are inter changeable apart from the mega tanka lids). There are even cool lids for the kiddies so you can use your tanka as a sippy cup or a baby bottle.

drink_bottle_metalI always wanted an ECOtanka but was worried that the stainless steel might leave a metallic after taste in my mouth. I’m happy to say that I’ve never had any after taste even from day one. Sharon from ECOtanka told me that if you ever get a metallic taste or just want to freshen your tanka up you can just rinse it with some baking soda and warm water. Tankas are easy to clean just wash them with your other dishes or pop them in the dishwasher. Since the tanka only consists of a bottle and a lid there are no straws or large parts to get mould in them.

I have the sports tanka with the fantastic new spots lid. I love the new lids it makes drinking a pleasure and doesn’t leak no matter how hard you shake it. John loves to drink out of my tanka too so I think I’ll get him a teeny one for Christmas. Thank you ECOtanka I love you.

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