Ecogifts for the new parent

Wow my little man is now five weeks old. It has gone so super fast!! I’m so blessed with such an amazing family and super special friends who have showered us with gifts, love and support. Thank you so much. I thought I’d share the eco gifts these special people have shared with us over the last few weeks.
Firstly THE single most eco and amazing gift you can give a new parent is TIME!!! Offer to clean or better just come over and clean the house or vacuum or take the washing away and bring it back clean and folded or weed the garden or do the shopping or take the other children out or do a photo shoot; the list goes on.
FOOD; wow meals on wheels; biscuits, cakes, dinners, lunches, breads, soups, pizzas, pies, curries, sushi the list goes on. Over the last several weeks we’ve been blessed to have our amazing friends and family drop off meals for dinner and lunch and coffee. Taking care of food for the new parent is JUST a godsend!!!
Second hand clothes; I love second hand everything. I love getting second hand items so your old hand me downs make a wonderful eco gift.  
Plants: anything edible for the garden. Feed the family for a very long time.  
Handmade gifts; homemade anything is always super special. Wither it’s handmade clothing, toys, food, knitting or sewing. Handmade rocks.    
Wooden toys; always a winner! Or even better second hand wooden toys.
Space; new parents need time with their families so space is much appreciated as well.  
A few tips; if you’re bringing a gift for the new baby a little something for the older sibling is much apprenticed. It has amazed me how many thoughtful people have given little John something when a gift was given to Gabriel. Really helps make the other sibling feel wanted and loved.  
Oh and don’t forget about the hubby. A box of beers goes a long way. 
Thank you to all the amazing people in my life. Thank you so much for making the last few weeks easier and so much more special. Allowing me to spend time with and focus on my boys rather than having to worry about real life. Love you all so super much. 
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